India International Agricultural machinery and Garden Machinery Exhibition will

scanning: time:2021-01-02

The Indian International Agricultural Machinery and Garden Machinery Exhibition (EIMA) will be held in New Delhi from December 7-9 

this year, according to the organizer and Chinese partner Wanzhan (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., LTD in Beijing.

It is reported that India has the largest area of cultivated land in the world, and the per capita cultivated land is twice that of China. In 

recent years, India's economy has developed rapidly and the process of agricultural mechanization has been accelerated. The demand 

for agricultural machinery products has been increasingly strong, especially sprayers, micro-plowing machines, grain processing equip-

ment and spare parts for agricultural machinery. With the acceleration of internationalization of Chinese agricultural machinery enterp-

rises, Chinese agricultural machinery enterprises are increasingly interested in the Indian market, and EIMA has become an important-

platform for Chinese agricultural machinery enterprises to understand and enter the Indian agricultural machinery market. In order to 

strengthen the cooperation and exchange between India and China in agricultural mechanization, EIMA held this promotion event in 

China. EIMA is the most professional and most effective agricultural machinery exhibition in India, covering agricultural machinery, animal 

husbandry machinery, horticultural machinery, facility agriculture, crop transportation equipment and processing equipment for agricu-

ltural and sideline products.