Genterprises "go to the cloud", dividend "go to the ground" -- Chinese enterpris

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enterprises "go to the cloud", dividend "go to the ground" -- Chinese enterprises use the industrial Internet to create a new manufacturing model

The original title: enterprises "go to the cloud", dividend "go to the ground" -- Chinese enterprises use the industrial Internet to create a new manufacturing model

Relying on the industrial cloud platform, customized production of garments can be realized: without going to stores, consumers can wear VR glasses and choose clothes without going out. Virtual fitting, personalized customization, home delivery... The new mode of production and marketing created by China's industrial Internet has attracted attention.

Wake up "sleepy" industrial big data, promote customized production, reduce production and marketing costs... At a seminar organized by China Industrial Internet Research Institute in Beijing recently, a number of experts said that the industrial Internet will break through the bottleneck of transformation and serve daily production with increasingly prominent application value.

Saving cost and reducing consumption, "industrial cloud" economic effect is significant

According to the China Industrial Internet Industry Alliance, the scale of China's industrial Internet direct industry was about 570 billion yuan in 2017. There are more than 50 platforms with certain industry and regional influence, and the number of industrial equipment connections on some platforms exceeds 100,000 (sets).

Although the number of "Shanghai Cloud" enterprises has begun to take shape, it is more critical that "Shanghai Cloud" after the transformation of the manufacturing industry will bring tangible results.

Sichuan Atlantic Group Co., Ltd. is a welding material manufacturing enterprise. It has been faced with many pressures such as labor cost, energy conservation and environmental protection, and is in urgent need of innovative process and equipment technology to improve the level of automation.

With the help of the intelligent factory created by the industrial cloud platform, the inventory of the enterprise is reduced by 20%, the excellent quality rate is increased by 2%-3%, the production staff is reduced by 50%, and the comprehensive energy consumption is reduced by 30%...

Zhang Jun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that one of the advantages of the industrial Internet is the inclusive and credible interaction between human and machine. Before industrial tool assembly line operation, more is "straight line", not precise enough, produced by the quality of turbine blade uneven. With the help of industrial Internet technology, surface algorithm is adopted to automatically eliminate errors and improve the yield rate, which is a typical case of human-computer interaction.

"In the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other places, some pilot enterprises have achieved good results in material traceability, quality control, capital collection and other aspects." "Said Liu Lihua, former vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Wake up "sleeping data", mining the value of industrial information

Upstream materials, logistics, warehousing, bank payment... Enterprises in the production, sales of industrial products at the same time, but also accumulated huge data information. But most big industrial data is in a "sleeping" state, its value has not been tapped.

Xu Xiaolan, president of China Industrial Internet Research Institute, pointed out that in response to this situation, it is necessary to focus on the construction of national industrial data resource database, build a national industrial Internet innovation system, and give play to the basic resources of industrial big data and the role of innovation engine.

Capture business plug points, forecast industry tuyere...... Some pioneers are already getting their first taste of the "data dividend". With the help of industrial Internet, enterprises can create data resource pools, collect, accurately analyze and share industrial information in real time, so as to exert the information aggregation effect.

The operation is not smooth, 24 sets of industrial system data become "information island"; Mismanaged, information on nearly 40,000 engineering locomotives drowned... Through screening and diagnosing industrial big data, a large equipment manufacturer found that the risk control was inadequate, the debt overdue, the order loss and other blocking points, and recovered hundreds of millions of potential lost funds.

Wang Huaming, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that we should attach importance to the traction function of Internet technology for high-end equipment manufacturing industry. For example, how to control the operation information of equipment and collect data of equipment materials for aircraft and high-speed rail needs to play the role of industrial Internet.

To meet personalized needs, "mass manufacturing" turns to "mass customization"

At one end is the factory, at the other end is the user. Nowadays consumer demand shows the characteristic of individuation and diversification. How to deal with this new change? Chen Lusheng, vice president of Haier's home appliance industry Group, said that the industrial Internet allows enterprises to produce products "face to face" with users' demands, and Haier has changed from "mass manufacturing" to "mass customization".

"With the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry today, the traditional household appliance production and sales model has no way out." 'Customer demand precedes product design,' Mr. Chen said. 'Haier leans over to listen to customers' voices at seven nodes: interaction, RESEARCH and development, marketing, procurement, production, service and after-sales.'

"Products do not put in storage, users do not go out." Build 11 connected factories, 71% of the products will no longer be put in storage, and will be delivered directly to customers' homes after offline. Customized production alleviates the pressure on Haier's inventory.

"The production line environment is relatively noisy, and many knowledgeable and experienced employees are reluctant to commit themselves to the frontline for a long time. How to solve this problem?" That worry has been on the mind of Li Shuqi, chairman of Foxconn Industrial Internet Co.

Now, in Foxconn's intelligent manufacturing plants, model algorithms have replaced artificial brains in the production line. "Before, robots performed repetitive tasks and freed people's hands; Now, cloud manufacturing is injecting model algorithms into production, freeing up the brain." Relying on the industrial Internet, "intelligent" and "unmanned" factories have sprung up like bamboo sprouts, and high-quality development achievements are benefiting thousands of enterprises, Said Li shuqi.

Liu Song, vice president of Alibaba Group, said that from the perspective of quantity, China's industrial product consumption market is not lack of demand, the key is how to provide effective supply, improve the targeted products. The biggest advantage of "industrial cloud" lies in giving play to the knowledge elements in the production process and changing the service mode.

Experts said that China's industrial Internet development has entered the deep water zone. From the pursuit of the number of "shangyun" enterprises to the ability to focus on high-quality service development, the effect of boosting the real economy is becoming more obvious. Chen Fang and Liu Yuxuan, Xinhua News Agency